Habit Check In

How are you doing on the September Habit Challenge? I hope you haven’t abandon your task due to disinterest. You need to stay committed to make real changes. We have 5 days left to go, and even if you’ve been off the wagon for the past few days, I urge you to lock it down for the rest of the month.

I’ve slipped up a couple more times on my push ups. Ironically, it’s usually when I do a workout at the gym. I never incorporate them into my workout, which I need to. It’s always surprising how difficult they feel after missing a day of doing them, I didn’t expect that.

Whether you checked your box everyday or not, I hope you learned something about yourself and how much commitment it takes to make changes. We have something cooking now that’s going to continue the good habits training for you all the way to Thanksgiving. Keep an eye out for details.

Justin Miner



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