Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are there group classes?

A: No! We use a unique system at GAIN called group personal training. Our main focus is to customize exercises, movements and training plans to each individual. You’ll have a program custom designed for you and your needs and will complete it while others are doing the same. Every session, you’ll work with a professional coach to demonstrate exercises, gather the proper equipment, tweak movements and motivate you. 


Q: Is this CrossFit? 

A: We are not a CrossFit Affiliate Box. We look like one and use similar equipment and movements. However, our training principles differ from CrossFit. Mainly, CrossFit is a sport, the workouts are intended to be a race and are performed in a large group setting. We are fans of tools, and CrossFit, like kettlebells, barbells, TRX and sleds are training tools we can use if appropriate for the job. Our training sessions are designed to feel like you’re in a group class without being in a group. You’ll feel some camaraderie amongst fellow gym goers, but you’ll never be racing them to finish.


Q:  Can I drop in? 

A: Unfortunately, we have limited space. While we would love to be your training home while you’re in town, we need to reserve our space for our members. If you’re a member, your family and friends are welcome to drop in with you for a day fee.


Q: I have an injury? Can I still workout?

A: Yes! In fact, it’s what we’re best at. Since this isn’t a big group class, we can customize each members’ workout to ensure we’re working around any old nagging injuries and hopefully help you get stronger to get over them! 


Q: Is there cardio?

A: Yes, it’s in our name. We focus on strength and conditioning. While we love lifting weights and improving functional strength, we understand the importance of cardio for health and longevity. We work with you to make sure you’re getting an appropriate dose of conditioning work each and every workout.


Q: Is this a meathead gym for athletes? 

A: No! We couldn’t be further from that. We call ourselves the “Anti-Gym,” because we have a much different feel than most gyms. There are no mirrors, no creepy guys with headphones and we have a laid-back attitude. We want this to be the best part of your day, not somewhere you’re scared to walk in.


Q: I’m in my 60’s, is this too intense for me?

A: actually, our main client base is people in their 50’s and 60’s!  When we opened back in 2014, we realized that people over 50 were being underserved in the strength and conditioning world. We offer realistic and sustainable training for people of all ages. We have a several members in their 80’s! 


Q: I’m not over 50? Can I join? 

A: Yes! We have people from high school athletes to 80 years old. If you’re worried about a gym for older people being too easy, remember, we customize everyone’s training plan to make sure it’s the right fit. No matter your fitness level, we’ll be able to challenge you.


Q: What is GPP?

A: GAIN GPP is our more advanced program offering. This program is for people who know their way around the gym or just stopped playing college athletics. You’ll be pushed using a variety of methods. The idea behind GPP is that you’re physically ready for anything – up for a hike or paddle boarding, jump into a 5k with short notice and not get sore when moving a friend’s couch.


Q: How does membership work? 

A: We do all our memberships on a contract. This way, you’re committing to yourself and we can plan and run the business. We do auto debit on the start date of the contract. Longer term contracts are offered a discount. 


Once you contact us, we set up a time to meet and chat about what you’re looking for. From there, we do a movement assessment and invite you to try out the gym for a couple workouts to make sure it’s the right fit for everyone.