Slowing Down

I like getting things done fast. I enjoy the feeling of urgency and like checking tasks off. I rush and because of it, often create a mess. I recently wrote about the saying, festina lente, move slowly with haste. It’s about moving deliberately, but taking your time, not rushing. A client recently got a tattoo of it on her arm, that was the first time I heard it.

While I still rush, I starting to become aware of it. I don’t always catch myself. Sometimes, I’ll notice it mid act. Last night while serving myself dinner, I was frantically scooping rice, chopped up chicken thighs and veggies into a bowl. Rice was flying everywhere. All over the glass-top stove. The sense of urgency came from no where. I just needed to get it done fast. While throwing rice all over the stove, floor and counter I noticed I was being crazy.

It was like time slowed down. I realized I was rushing, asked myself was I was rushing and actually slowed down. I focus on the precision of getting the food from the large cooking vessel to a tiny bowl. I breathed. I relaxed and focused.

Right after that, I was walking the several steps to the living room with unnecessary speed. I don’t have it all figured out, but I’m working on getting better and noticing when I need to slow down. 

Justin MIner


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