After an amazing weekend of partying, staying up late, catching up with friends and family, today is our reset day. A day that we can get back to basics to get back to our regularly scheduled programming of eating healthy, keeping hydrated and getting the proper amount of sleep. Here’s what I’m going to do today to get back to baseline.

Exercise before I have my first meal. So controversial, I know. The true is, some people like eating before training and feel good doing it, I do not. I prefer to train on an empty stomach and time my first meal within an hour of finishing that.

Prioritize veggies. I’ll be sure to have veggies at all meals today to make sure I’m getting enough but mostly to start of momentum of making them a priority.

Caffeine. I’ll limit myself today to 2-3 cups this morning and won’t have any the rest of the day (uncommon) to make sure I get to bed early, but also to ensure restful sleep. Which brings me to my last category. I’ll take a good nap in this afternoon and then tonight, to get to 8 or 9 hours tonight.

Maybe these work for you, maybe yours are different. It’s good to have a few key habits to lock into when you want to get back to baseline after a wedding, vacation or just feeling off for a bit. Use these or come up with you own.

See you all in the gym tomorrow!

Justin Miner


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