Slow it Down and Stay Clam

The other day, I went for a big weight and I found myself getting hyped up. I was angry that the weight was sitting on the floor and I needed to pick it up. Worst rep of the day. I rushed, forgot smooth technique, squeezed too hard and pushed too fast. It felt bad and I knew I rushed, I knew I didn’t stay cool.

The next set, I walked up to the bar slowly, did my normal right hand grabs first, then the left hand, shimmy my feet to the proper width, big breath and go!

What I like most about weightlifting is that you have to be calm and focused to perform the lift with the most efficient form, which is also the safest form, which also means you’ll be able to handle the most load. Let me be clear, by weightlifting, I mean the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch, Olympic-style weightlifting movements. If you try to attack the bar, and outmuscle the weight, it won’t work. If you rush your set up, it won’t work. You need to be like a professional baseball player, grabbing the bar the same way rep after rep after rep.

You might not be cleaning any barbell off the floor, but the same mindset works. Be calm, focus on what you’re doing, don’t rush to get it over with and start each and every rep the same way. Exercising like its practice will get you more involved with your body, understand movements better and leave you feeling more accomplished than a mindless sweat-fest. Slow down and notice what’s going on.

Justin Miner


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