Going Pro

Today is the 50th blog post in a row. Every weekday for 10-weeks. A challenge I once thought impossible. I came up with endless excuses as to why I couldn’t write everyday (or even at all for a few years). I was scared of the pressure, the feedback and mostly scared of the commitment.

Those fears materialized into excuses. I’ll write blogs when I’m motivated to write. Never happened. I’ll write a bunch at once and release them slowly. Never happened. What clicked? I realized I needed to become what I wanted to be. I needed to actually write if I wanted to get better at it and I needed to do it consistently. Regardless of motivation or fear. 

In Atomic Habits, James Clear has a formula for Going Pro (which, by the way, is also a great book by Steven Pressfield). 

How to Become a Pro:

  1. Decide what you want to get good at. Have purpose you’re chasing.

  2. Set a schedule for your actions.

  3. Stick to your schedule for one week.

I wanted to share thoughts and ideas and build the GAIN Community in more ways than just good training in the gym. I wanted to become a better writer. I decided that I needed to write every day. I’ve tried 3 days a week or 4 days a week or once a week. I wasn’t able to stick with any of them. I needed to do it everyday.

I knew if I made it through the first week, I would have some momentum behind me. In Habits, he says sticking with your schedule for the first week is the most important. “Setting a schedule doesn’t make you a professional, following it does.” It took a lot of time that first week. It was all I focused on. I told every one I could that I was going to publish a blog every day. Instead of fearing the pressure, I made sure that I had pressure.

Now, I’m not a professional writer by any means and that isn’t the goal. I needed to pursuit it as if I were a professional in order to get better. Now, I write everyday without thinking twice. If you want to be or do something, you need to get fear out of the way and approach it like a professional. Put the work in, regardless of motivation.

Justin Miner


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