Goal Responsibility

When we set goals, we imagine the end. It sparks the feeling of joy that checking the goal off our list would bring us. It gives us hope and inspiration. We all face the problem of missing key steps in light of imagining how we’ll feel once we cross the finish line.

We set a lofty goal, think about what it’ll feel like to get there, but don’t realize that’s just the start. Motivation isn’t going to guide you through this. For example, if I want to build 15 pounds of muscle, a lofty goal, it would be in my best interest to control a lot of variables. I can make sure I’m getting enough sleep, recovering from exercise, planning out my meals. What I never thought about through this goal setting process is that about when I don’t feel like pursuing it anymore? 

What happens when my motivation to improve goes away? Usually, we give up on the goal all together. You have to take responsibility for difficult changes. You need to be responsible for all the little processes you need to create along the way. You must be prepared to face adversity.

Justin Miner


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