Another Short Week

There are two ways to go about handling a shortened training week. Both are good. It isn’t about one way against the other. It’s about figuring out what’s going to work best for you in your current situation.

The obvious way is to stick with your plan as best you can. Try to get all your normal training days in, but maybe you take the 4th of July off to give yourself an off day. Maybe you stay up late one night and opt for more sleep instead of rolling out of bed to hit the gym early.

The other option is to back off a bit. You probably have a day or two off from work, hopefully we’ll have some nice weather and it’s the 4th of July! Giving your body a break from training is productive. It likes recovering just as much as it likes training hard and pushing it. Pack up the car, head on a road trip or head to the beach. Don’t worry about your strength training but be physical: play games, walk more, occasionally stretch. Integrate gym things into your everyday life.

What you don’t want to do is fall into the summer trap. Taking a full week off can do this. You head on vacation, recharge and come home next week to a busy schedule and the priority of the gym keeps getting demoted. If you feel like you’re slipping, get back on ASAP. The longer it lingers, the harder it will be to overcome.

Let’s start July off on the right foot.

Justin Miner


PS: Fourth of July Hours:

CLOSED - Thursday July 4

OPEN 9-12am - Friday July 5

COMMUNITY WORKOUT - Saturday July 6 @ 8am

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