Are you struggling to come up with your new habit? Not sure what to choose from because 3 or 4 things need improvement? I urge you to focus on one. We’re bad at coming up with goals. We’re all overly ambitious and bite off more than we can chew. I want to avoid that in September by having you really dialed in on one habit, one goal.

When selecting your habit, choose one that will have snowball effects and maybe help other things as well. For example, if you want to drink less wine, a vague, hard to measure goal, why don’t you set a bed time or drink more water instead? You may drink less wine by focusing on winding down earlier and hitting the sheets consistently.

These snowball habits are the jackpot. Find habits that will bleed over into other things. That way, instead of juggling too many changes, you can focus on one and get a kickstart in some other areas. Above all else, keep it simple.

If you want more details, James Clear, my internet superhero, has a well detailed post about what he calls the Domino Effect.

Justin Miner


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