Move with Intent

Here’s a rule of thumb you can universally apply to most exercises: lower under control, move up with speed. I call this moving with intent. It’s about controlling one part of the movement, and making sure to turn everything on by moving fast on the other.

Here are a few examples:

  • Bodyweight squat - lower down for 2-3 seconds, come up really fast. Squeeze your butt at the top!

  • Bench press - lower down under control, maintaining tension on the bar and not letting your elbows flair out, push the bar up with as much speed as you can!

  • One leg SLDL - lower under control to maintain your balance, snap back to the top by driving the leg that’s in the air back to the floor.

Not only will this give us better training effects, but you’ll find new strength from producing more velocity. There’s a time and place for only slow movements and a time for pure explosiveness. If we live in the middle though, we’re sure to check most of the boxes off. Move with some intent this week and you prepare to hit the gym!

Justin Miner


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